Making Your Patient Outcomes Brighter

Whether you’re performing surgery or a simple procedure, you’re guided by what you see. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you can visualize your work with complete accuracy, and work under the most comfortable conditions. At Medical Illumination, our sole focus is making that happen.

Engineering meets Science meets Medicine

No one else in the industry has gone to the extremes of engineering as have we.  But then, bringing perfection to medical lighting is what we do. In developing our lights, we sought to create the most pure, uniform white light possible, taking into account not only how LEDs operate but also how the human eye perceives color. The result is a remarkable optics technology that sets a new standard in surgical and medical illumination.

Medical Illumination - Brilliance in Application

Surgery Lights

Our major and minor surgery lighting product lines offer a wide assortment of models and mounting options.

Examination Lights

Medical Illumination LED exam lights have revolutionized the diagnostic environment, making lighting cooler, more color-accurate, more economical and greener.

Specialty Lights

The Century Diagnostic UV (Woods) Light provides all of the normal functions of a hand-held ultraviolet light for specialties such as dermatology or ophthalmology

UV24 Overhead Air Purification System

The patented UV24 system provides continuous ultraviolet protection against airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi, all safely hidden behind standard-sized fluorescent or LED ceiling lights.

Camera & Video

For complete video support in the OR, our System Two surgery lighting systems include a broad set of HD camera and video monitoring solutions.

Tracks & Accessories

The newly redesigned Shuttle Track provides the perfect addition to any MI Series LED ceiling-mounted light(s) which require extended overhead coverage.