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IsoLED mini

LED Examination Headlight

Exam Clarity and Mobility Without Compromise

Lightweight and versatile, the IsoLED mini LED Examination Headlight allows for unencumbered mobility for the practitioner. The IsoLED mini LED Examination Headlight lithium battery lasts more than 10 hours at maximum intensity. The mini with clip can be affixed to a pair of personal eyeglasses or safety glasses, loupes, attached to a soft sweatband or ratchet headband, or permanently attached to safety glasses. The mini comes with a removable filter which reduces blue and UV light, preventing premature curing of composite in dental procedures. Suitable for medical, veterinary, and dental examinations and procedures.

The high efficiency design of the mini LED Examination Headlight allows for reduced energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership (around 1/3 of halogen lamps), while its 20,000 hours of LED life provides for a maintenance-free medical headlamp. To ensure exam headlight spot clarity, the light beam is extremely homogeneous and free of imperfections.

Our lightweight Lithium battery pack has a retention clip to be used on the practitioner’s belt or pocket. Included with the mini LED Examination Headlight is a Battery Charger with an integrated charge monitor that alerts the operator when the Lithium Battery is fully charged.

If you require surgical loupes this medical headlight adapts to any binocular loupes.

To complete the package, each standard IsoLED mini Examination headlight comes in a carrying case containing the LED Headlight, Lithium Battery pack, one retaining multi-clip, removable red filter, battery charger, and exam headlamp User’s Guide.



  • Spot Size of 2.4″ (6 cm) at 12″ (30 cm) working distance
  • 23 grams (0.8oz) Headlight Assembly
  • CRI of 85 to give the best tissue rendition
  • Intensity variable from 3-100% to reduce eye strain
  • 20,000 LUX of Pure LED Light
  • 10 hours runtime per battery at full intensity
  • Lightweight battery (only 190 grams / 6.7 oz)
  • Flashing low battery alarm indicator
  • Additional options available, such as standard (clips only), safety goggles, dual-ratchet headgear or soft sweatband affixed.

Includes (Standard Model)

  • IsoLED mini Exam Headlight Assembly with Mounting Clips
  • Lithium Battery Pack (Qty: 1)
  • Lithium Battery Charger
  • Storage Case
  • AC/DC Battery Charger


Warranty Information

  • Three (3) Years on LED Headlight
  • One (1) Year on Battery Pack



20,000 Lux @ 12″ (30cm)

3.5 hrs

5,500° K

Qty 1


> 10 hrs

Dental / Examination / Veterinary