MI 550 Light


Excellence for Exams and Diagnostics

The MI-550 is the perfect fit and offers the greatest value in an examination and diagnostic light. It provides maximum brightness, sharpness, and color accuracy so you can visualize your work in the most precise way. The clean lines and compact design have led to its widespread use throughout the medical industry.

The MI-550 features a sterilizable handle with on/off, two intensity settings, and positioning capabilities. The addition of the removable sterilizable handle extends its use for procedures observing sterile technique.

The MI-550 Examination Light is available as a Mobile Light or can be mounted from the Ceiling or Wall. The full range of mounting options makes it well-suited to use in physician offices, clinics, and hospitals especially in examinations and dental procedures.


The MI-Series offers a selection of three different-sized lights and provides unparalleled optics. Well-suited in ambulatory surgery centers, procedure rooms, trauma rooms, clinics, and physician offices. In surgery, procedures, or exams, achieving precise lighting conditions is crucial for accurate visualization of your work. At Medical Illumination, our primary commitment is dedicated to ensuring this essential requirement is met with unwavering excellence.



  • Sterilizable Handle (with on/off and 2 intensity settings)
  • Range of mounting options: Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount, Freestanding Mobile Unit or Track Mounted on the ShuttleTrak™.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


4300° K pure white illumination

55,000 Lux @ 1 meter

2-stage dimming (100% – 50%)

50,000 hour-rated LED life


Controls the intensity and on/off.

Fixed Focus at 6.0″ (15.2 cm)


100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz