Xenon Fiber Optic Light Source Single Port

Fiber Optic Surgical Light Source (Single Port)

Surgical Xenon Fiber Optic Light Source

Our Xenon Fiber Optic Surgical Light Source uses a 300 watt light that enables the illuminator to achieve a high-intensity daylight (natural light) output as a result of the lamp’s light collection efficiency. Features a Single-Port Wolf style port for fiber optic light guides with Wolf terminal connectors for compatibility with multiple fiber optic surgical lighting products. Available with mobile stand only, stand with storage box, or as a tabletop version.

Illumination from this 300 watt Xenon Light Source is to be used for observation of body cavities, hollow organs, and other surgical sites. This device is also intended for use as a light source for surgical headlights used in various surgical procedures.

Incorporating a graduated shutter allows the Xenon Fiber Optic Light source to control intensity from 0 up to 100%. The surgical light system automatically attains full 300 watt illumination output with a stable color temperature, natural daylight output, allowing automatic and manual video surgical procedures. The Xenon lamp light output is precisely focused to ensure maximum light transmission to the fiber optic light guide cable.

As an added safety feature the light source is equipped with an elapsed Xenon Bulb Life Indicator. Placed conveniently on the xenon lamp module, which shows the total elapsed hours on the Xenon bulb. This provides accurate ranges to ensure your light source xenon bulb replacement happens prior to burnout.



  • 300 watt powerful Xenon system
  • Intensity variable of 0-100%
  • Low noise fans and highly efficient down-flow cooling system
  • Aluminum handle
  • 500,000 Lux at the end of an 8ft x 0.20 inch fiber light guide cable
  • Available with either a mobile stand or portable tabletop version


  • Three (3) Years on Light Source
  • One (1) Year on Power Supply
  • 500 Hours on Xenon Bulb




6,000 °K


100 to 240 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz

590 watts

0 – 100%

-10 to 40 °C

-10 to 70° C

20 to 75% non-condensing

IEC 60601-1 Safety Tests

FDA 510K

14 lbs

5” H x 11” W x 12” D